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A shared commitment to delivering honest and outcome-focused family law advice saw friends and colleagues Mona Emera and Ben Smith establish Emera Smith in 2018.

Mona and Ben built Emera Smith on the simple but steadfast philosophy that clients remain at the centre of everything we do.

The deep technical experience of co-founders Mona Emera (formerly head of family law at a large national firm) and Ben Smith (formerly a partner at a specialist family law firm), positions us as an ideal partner for clients looking for:

  • expert results;
  • a focus on clarity and outcomes; and
  • cost-effectiveness.

Honest and pragmatic advice are at the foundation of our approach, ensuring our clients are supported throughout their time with the firm.

A message from our founders

“First and foremost, my job is about helping people through a difficult time. That is why my approach is always to lead with honesty and work hard towards a solution. My clients know without question I’m there to support them.”

Mona Emera, Director and co-founder

“Dealing with the complexities of family law is my job, not something my clients ever need to worry about. I focus on being the expert they can trust to work diligently in their best interest.” 

Ben Smith, Director and co-founder

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