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Category: Property Settlement

How are pets treated in family law disputes?

Pets in family law - property or parenting?

For most couples who separate, parenting arrangements and/or property settlements are at the forefront of their mind. But what happens to the family dog, cat or any other pet who was a member of the family unit?
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Using caveats in family law property settlement

Caveats in family law

Caveats can be a great tool to protect your interests before or while formalising a property settlement. This article explores how caveats work in Australia, and in Victoria in particular, and how they can be used in family law proceedings.
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What are the potential taxes and stamp duty in family law property settlement?

What tax consequences do I have to consider when contemplating a family law property settlement?

A very important aspect of family law property settlements that is often overlooked is the tax and duty consequences of parties retaining or disposing of assets as part of a property settlement.
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Amicable property settlement after separation

Top 5 tips for an amicable property settlement

After separation, whether married or in a de facto relationship, at some point you will need to finalise property settlement. Where you can negotiate an amicable, out-of-court settlement, it can save you a lot of time, frustration and money.
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Property settlement after separation

How are assets divided after separation or divorce?

After separation or divorce, couples will need to finalise a property settlement. In this blog, we will look at what is considered in negotiating a fair and equitable property settlement.
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