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Wills and Estates law includes a range of services from your Will, Powers of Attorney, administration of deceased estates to contesting a Will and more.

For many Victorians, it’s one of those tasks that sits on the “to do” list for a little bit longer than perhaps it should, for a variety of reasons.

Your estate includes everything you own; the family home, cars, boats, caravans, money in your bank account, investments, shares and other personal items like jewellery. Should something happen to you unexpectedly, having valid estate planning documents in place will ensure your wishes about what happens to your possessions, are followed.

If you die, your estate should be distributed to those you have chosen. If you become incapacitated, either temporarily or permanently, it should be your choices that are followed in relation to your property and your personal care.

At Emera Smith, our Wills and estates lawyers are here to guide you through all the options available to you to deliver peace of mind about the future.

Our expert Wills and estates legal services include:

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Blogs & News - Wills & Estate Planning

How is testamentary capacity assessed?

What is testamentary capacity and how is it assessed?

There are many factors which may affect a person’s testamentary capacity. In this article, we look at how testamentary capacity is assessed, what evidence is required and options for a Statutory Will.
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Who can contest a Will?

How to contest a Will

Anyone who has a Will, or is considering writing a Will, needs to be aware of the potential that their Will can be contested (or challenged) after they die.
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Signing and witnessing Wills and documents remotely

How to sign Wills and Powers of Attorney during the COVID lockdown

COVID-19 has created witnessing and logistical challenges for signing of Wills and Powers of Attorney. In response to this, the Victorian Government introduced regulations to provide temporary emergency measures to allow Wills and Powers of Attorney to be signed electronically and witnessed remotely.
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