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Jane Holford


I’m Jane. I grew up in Western Australia and received a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in business law) from the University of Western Australia. I moved to Victoria to study a Master of Law (Juris Doctor) at Monash University.

I have worked in the Family Law sector since 2017. Alongside my role at Emera Smith, I work part-time with the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network – Greater Melbourne assisting to organise family law related continuing professional development events. I enjoy the opportunity to learn about shifting attitudes and changes in the sector.

I am passionate about providing cost-effective, practical and realistic legal assistance to clients. I have a keen interest in settlement-focused practice, and am delighted to work at Emera Smith Family Law who share this vision.

I have a particular interest in:

  • providing a holistic service to clients, meaning that clients are aware of the support services available to them when going through separation (such as in-court support services, educational programs and specialist support groups);
  • making family law accessible and straightforward for clients, including speaking in plain English, being upfront about the costs associated with legal work and achieving practical and sensible solutions;
  • utilising technology to simplify and streamline processes in the work that we do but also in a broader sense of the family law sector as a whole; and
  • staying up to date on policy changes and movements within the family law sector.

In my spare time I enjoy bike riding, looking up new recipes to try out on my family and friends, and catching up on TV shows.

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The impact of Family Violence Intervention Orders on family law proceedings

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What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

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